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In the second book of the series, he discovers that he can shapeshift into a wolf.

For the majority of the series, Jacob competes with Edward Cullen for Bella Swan's love.

Jacob "Jake" Black is a character in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer.

Bella comes to like Jacob, and he develops a crush on her.

When Jacob undergoes his first transformation into a wolf, it is in response to Paul one of the pack becomes enraged when he was slapped by Bella causing him to transform prematurely and then attempts to attack her.

Jacob noticing this rushes outside to defend Bella he jumps high over her and changes form in midair.

When Bella, who has taken increasingly dangerous risks to feel closer to Edward, impulsively jumps off a cliff and almost drowns, Jacob rescues her.

After Edward mistakenly believes she has died and plans to kill himself, Bella and Edward's sister, Alice Cullen, rush to Italy to prevent his suicide, leaving Jacob hurt and resentful.

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